Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our Baby Boy, Noah Red

First I want to share the pictures we have of our beautiful baby before I get to the more difficult news we have to share. This is our baby Noah.

Ok, now for the news that we need to share. We met with our Dr. on Tuesday afternoon. She came in and told us that Noah has at least one club foot but they couldn't get a close enough look at the other foot. She was not at all worried about it because club feet are relatively easy to fix. She then asked if we had any questions. At our ultrasound on Friday, I noticed that Noah's femurs were about 4 weeks behind in development. The tech couldn't tell us anything without a doctor present.So we told the Dr. our concerns about the short femur length. She looked back over her notes because she had missed that in the report. She then looked a little concerned about that, and recommended that we go ahead with a level 2 ultrasound and some blood work for me. She said that we may be dealing with dwarfism. She then asked if she could do a quick ultrasound so she could have a look herself. She measured the legs again which are still about a month behind, and then measured the arms, which they didn't do at the anatomy scan on Friday. The arms are also about a month behind. The head and torso measured normal and she couldn't see any issues with anything else during her quick scan. She told us that if it was her giving the diagnosis, that we are more than likely having a baby with dwarfism. She also told us that from what she could see, everything else looks fine at this point, however the level 2 ultrasound will be able to tell us more.

The next step will be the level 2 ultrasound with the perinatologist which they will schedule sometime hopefully soon after Thanksgiving. I had blood drawn also, so hopefully we will know the results from that soon as well. At this point, we are praying and hoping that no other issues will be found, and if Noah does indeed end up with a type of dwarfism; that as few complications as possible will be associated with it.

We are still so excited about baby Noah; he has been the answer to so many of our prayers. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as we find out more information.

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