Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The World Keeps Spinning

Just another small update since I have been slacking on this blog. Aaron and I are continuing to heal. Easter was hard for both of us. The first holiday without Noah. I sometimes wonder when or if things will ever get easier or better. I just keep hoping and praying that someday it will. For now, it feels like the world keeps spinning and I'm stuck standing still, not able to move with it. 

One bright moment over the past week, our nephew, Gabriel Ryan, was born last Wednesday. He looks just like my brother. It seems the Shores side of our family is continuing to stay dominant. I had so many mixed emotions when he was born, but one thing is for sure...he is a blessing, a little healing life in the midst of our sadness. 

As far as future plans go for now we're keeping it simple. Small goals to work towards. I'm continuing to lose the pregnancy weight,  27 pounds down, 9 to go. I'm planning a new hair style as well and am looking forward to that. I also have my 6 week post pregnancy doctor's appointment next week so hopefully we can talk to the doctor about future plans. Also looking forward to wearing my yellow shirt on May 6. 

Just a small glimpse of our lives right now. We hope everyone is doing well in their own lives!


  1. Good to hear an update~ Congrats on your new nephew. Great job on your weight loss~ always a plus! The future will be bright for you with your little Noah's love from above. He would want nothing more than a sister or a brother for his Mommy and Daddy, who have cared so lovingly for him! I hope you continue to find peace and comfort in your little world, even if it seems to be standing still for you both right now. Take care~

  2. Dear Sweet Austin family. I always wished God had made me a person with great speaking abilities. Didn't happen. So as always in my clumsy way I want to share your day to day life. I cry sometimes just because I kept up with your blog since day one. I cry cause I know Noah is in the most beautiful home we are promised. I love looking at the little moments in time captured in pictures. And, above all I pray. I pray for your peace of mind, peace for your aching hearts, peace fo your future. I want so to have the right words and i fail miseraably. I am Phillip Johnsons mother-in-love and I care about you each and every day. I think of Noah and look at the pictures and I know God is good always. God is an Awesome God and is always just a breath away to hear our cries. I pray you will heal physiclly, mentally and spitually One Day at a Time. It's true now and it will be true always.....You are Noahs mommy. He was beautiful and if he had lived for 90 years you would have taught him how to be a christian. So that heaven would be his final resting place. He is there now and I know you wish he was here. I am sad about that but I glorify God for holding Noah in his Arms. God Bless you and your husband and whatever the future holds for Noahs little brothers or sisters. All the biggest hugs I can send you all. God be with you always until you and Noah meet again. In Him, carla winn

  3. We will be wearing YELLOW on May 6 and remembering your precious Noah. Although nothing will ever completely heal your heartache, the passing of time will gently soften the ache. God has such wonderful plans for you. HE will bring them to fruition! I understand what you mean about "being stuck" and the world keep on turning. Take heart. Each day, just put one foot in front of the other. On the hardest days, just focus on ONE STEP at a time. You have been such an inspiration and so many people are asking how you are doing. Please know that so many Christian brothers and sisters continue to lift you up to God in prayer.
    Blessings and peace to you all.