Friday, March 30, 2012

The House!!!

I'm so excited. We closed on our house yesterday, and today we met the man who will hopefully be remodeling our kitchen. This may be my favorite part, making the house "ours", adding our own preferences to it. For the next couple weeks we will be probably be doing a lot of painting, fixing up the kitchen, and other little minor things before we move in. Here are the before pictures. I can't wait to share the progress!

Living Room - Getting painted. Future home of our piano. Aaron (and the at least 4 or 5 more guys that will have to help) will appreciate the short moving distance for the piano. : )

Kitchen - This is the main focus of remodeling. Hopefully we will be getting new countertops, new lighting, adding a opening above the sink into the family room and a few other little things.

Dining Area - Fresh paint and a new light fixture

Family Room - Fresh paint

Future Nursery - We will leave this alone for now. It will probably be the staging area for unpacked boxes.

Guest Room - Definitely getting painted

Guest Bathroom - Fresh paint

Master Bedroom - May leave alone, may get painted. I haven't decided yet. : )

Master Bathroom - Getting left alone for now as well

Backyard Pool and Deck...I'm afraid the broken basketball hoop left by the previous owners will not be staying. We are undecided on the pool. We'll keeping it for the summer to see how we like it.

More backyard...Aaron's future knife shop is getting painted too. I'm sure our dogs will do some remodeling to the gardens whether we want them to or not. 

More backyard...Tree house and slide are staying, sandbox underneath is leaving as is the swing set. Also have a little fenced off garden area!

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