Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Let the Nesting Begin!

Let me just say that Pinterest is one of the best websites ever! I've been pinning baby stuff for awhile now, but now that we know we are having a girl, I've gone a little nuts with the pinning. I have an idea of how I want the nursery to work, color scheme, painting techniques, decorations; all thanks to Pinterest. lol I also began working on a blanket this weekend using a free pattern that I found on, once again, Pinterest. I thought I would share some of the inspiration I've found and then as I work on it, share our own progress for Miss Clara's room. Instead of linking to my Pinterest page, I'm linking to the original source of the pin.

The nursery color scheme:
I'm not going with this exact picture but this is my color scheme. I'm planning on gray walls with bright accent colors. I'm also painting a pattern on the walls so most of the accents will be solids.
Wall pattern technique:
I'm planning on using this technique for the walls in the nursery, I will probably do swirls like this as well. Perfect for a little girl's room!
I love this pattern so this is what I'm using for Clara's first blanket. My circles will hopefully match her bright nursery.
So there is a little sneak peek into what I'm planning. Like Noah's nursery I will be posting progress as we make it. Step one: Clean out the nursery!



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  1. I love it all...her name, the blanket, colors, EVERYTHING!!!