Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Already Spoiled Girl

Just a small update. Clara is a very active little girl. I never knew how little Noah moved. He always moved, but he was always in the same general spot and would kick and fist bump every now and then. Miss Clara on the other hand, is all over the place! When she starts kicking she keeps kicking. She was being stubborn and not letting her daddy feel her, but she is now kicking him as well. She has now decided to be stubborn with her grandma and not kick her yet.

We spent some time with my family today to watch the OU vs. Texas game (Boomer Sooner!) My mom and sis-in-law gave me all of the clothes they have gotten for Clara so far. Let me tell you and just show you, Clara will never lack for clothes. I counted it up and there are around 35 outfits, not counting leggings and diaper covers and hats and bibs. She is already very spoiled and very loved!


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  1. She's definitely going to be all "dolled" up. How blessed she is already!!!