Saturday, June 25, 2011

3 Months Later

We said hello to Noah 3 months ago yesterday. We said goodbye 3 months ago today. If you would ask us how we are doing about all I can say is better than yesterday, last week, and last month. Better and OK are the words I seem to use most. Some days I use good. I look forward to the days I can say great or fantastic again. I know we'll get there. We are getting there. 

This past week if you asked how I was doing, while I would have said tired; I would have also used good everyday. Something about being a counselor at church camp revitalizes my outlook. Seeing kids away from the outside world is great. Hearing them praise God is comforting. It was an emotional week as church camp always is but it was a much needed emotional week. It's been the best week in awhile for me being able to get away from worries and focus on the most important things that matter in life.

So after sleeping most of the day today and being lazy, I'm hoping the next few months continue to hold improvements and more good days and maybe a few greats.

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  1. Just a thought from the April Bumpies. We all continue to keep you, Noah and Aaron in our prayers. We like to think of Baby Noah as a guardian angel to all of the April little ones. May you and your family find peace and comfort knowing how many lives he has touched.