Sunday, October 30, 2011

Time is Flying

It has been awhile since my last post. Sorry! Updates...where to begin. I found a job. I am now a Teen Librarian at the public library. So far I am loving this new job. I will begin doing some programs with the teens next week so wish me luck with that! It's keeping me super busy so by the time I get home I'm finding that I am spending less time on the computer. Which I really don't mind at all. It has been great to spend time with family. I'm still learning to balance my new schedule. My work on Noah's Snowflakes orders has slowed somewhat but I should still have all of those done in time for Christmas! 

Aaron and I are loving our new work with the church here. The teens have been great and we have had a good time getting to know them.  We just finished up with Halloween parties with them. I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of our costumes this year! Oh well. I may still try to get one of mine.

Right now we are still trying to sell our house. I knew that would be the biggest challenge of our move. Fortunately I have some amazing parents that we are living with right now until the house sells. Hopefully we will have it sold soon.

As far as how we are mentally, we are coping. I personally have had a rough patch lately. Mostly worrying about the holidays and wishing I could just skip them. I just have to remind myself to stick to the "one-day-at-a-time" motto I've had for myself. My birthday today has definitely been a test of that. I can't lie, it was hard hard hard. My family has been great through it all. Probably my favorite gift was a ring that my family got me. It has Noah's birthstone and has his name and birthday engraved on the sides. It is beautiful and exactly what I needed. 

So that's my little update on us. Hopefully I will do a better job of keeping up this blog. 

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  1. It's always hard when there's a loss.

    When my father passed I really just wanted to die.

    I try now to remember the good times. I hope this help some.