Friday, November 16, 2012

Clara's Still Growing!

We had our appointment this morning at 9:30 and everything went great. They surprised me with the glucose test this morning, which had I known or had some warning, I wouldn't have had a glazed donut for breakfast along with hot chocolate, but oh well. I didn't pass the one hour test with Noah, and it looks like I probably won't with Clara, but I shouldn't have a problem with the three hour test.

Miss Clara is measuring right on schedule! She had a heart rate of 141 and her estimated weight is 1 lb 13 oz. Aaron and I know that she is our rainbow baby when one of our favorite things to see are her straight, long femurs and her ribcage. (Looking perfect as well!)

Here's my favorite part, some of the pictures. We have a few to scan onto the computer that the doctor took that are really good, but didn't make it onto the CD we were given, but here are a few good ones!

Caught her with her mouth open.

She decided we needed a picture of a foot and a hand!

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