Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nursery Swirls Part One

Since we got the main painting done in the nursery, I finally got the chance to add the accents that I wanted. I started on the pink panels. I've free-handed swirls on them. I'm using a technique that I mentioned in a previous post, the base was done in a flat finish and the accents I'm adding are in high gloss in the same colors. It's subtle in person so it's hard to get great pictures of, but I tried. Anyway I've finished pink panels, minus a few touch-ups. I'm also doing the opposite wall, but haven't started on it yet. Here's the progress!

The first panel

Close up

All three done!

All that's left to do to these is final paint touch ups and adding frames around them! I'm hoping to finish up all of the painting by the end of the weekend. We shall see. I'll be taking a break from it Saturday morning for one of my baby showers! I'm so excited to see everything my sis-in-law and momma have gotten done with this shower; I'm sure I'll have some pictures to share of that too!

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