Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hospital Tour

Just a small update.
Yesterday, A and I went and toured Mercy where we will be having Noah. I am so so glad that we went. We went and saw the room that I will be in, where the nurse answered all the questions that we had (usually before we asked them). It helped that they know about Noah's condition beforehand, because they were able to reassure us that they will be VERY careful handling him. I'm thankful for this because I know what could happen if they aren't careful. We were then able to actually go into the NICU and take a look around an empty room just so we know what to expect. It helps knowing our surroundings beforehand so that we won't be overwhelmed. We are very glad that we went and were very impressed with the hospital.

For those wanting to know what to pray for, here's a list of what I'm praying for.
1. That Noah continues to grow (especially his chest)
2. That when Noah is born, he is able to breathe with no/or very little help and that he doesn't have a lot of fractures.
3. For the Doctors and Nurses that will be with us during the C-section and taking care of Noah.
4. That, if Aaron and I have to make difficult decisions concerning Noah, that we will have peace with those decisions.

Continued thanks to everyone for their prayers for us and for Noah!


  1. A & E,
    You continue to amaze me with your maturity, insight, strength, and, most importantly, your faith. We are so very blessed to have you as a son and daughter-in-law. Thank you for giving us more direction in our prayers. Sometimes it's difficult to know exactly what to pray for. We love you much, and the three of you are continually in our prayers.

    See you soon!
    Mom (Granna Janna)

  2. Thanks again for continued guidance on what to pray for. It is such a privilege to pray for all three of you. During my trip to Denver, I wasn't as faithful in prayer as at home, so begin again with renewed commitment. Thank you for letting us in on your needs. God bless you and keep you in His tender care. Jean Neal

  3. Just found your blog. So sorry for the pain you are feeling. I as an L and D nurse have seen many parents make a hard choice to carrie their baby to term are deliver early due to the unknown if their baby will live. I never question a parents choice. I was blessed to never be in their shoes. Just last week I helped a family delivery their 28 week daughter with the same thing your son has but her cheast wall had stopped growing at 20week due to broken and curved ribs. I will pray for your little guy and peace for all for the journey to come. God Bless you. Brenda U MN

  4. Hi, I just wanted to let you know what a privilage it is tho share this journey with you. I love seeing Noah in each picture, and yes I agree he seems to be smiling. God has Blessed you with a very precious child. What his mission and how long it will be for is up to God. Yet, as a mother and grandmother I want yout to have all your hopes and dreams to come home with you and live a long life. God in His wisdom knows far better than us how long Noah will be in your arms. He has already been your son for nearly 9 months with his squirming and moving. He has been in your hearts for years as you dreamed of this precious baby boy. Knowing the condition of his tiny bones has already brought you to decisions that others have nevered had to make. God blesses us in so many many ways even when life trys to take away our joy. You are a wonderful young mommy and that can never be taken from you. YOU ARE Noahs mommy now and forever. I wish you and your husband and red headed little Noah Gods richest blessings of all. The nursery is beautiful and I thank you for allowing the two little hats I made to be on the table. I pray and I pray and I know all is in Gods Hands. God who never changes, who never leaves us, and never gives us more than we can handle. God be with you, God give you many many happy days of baby kicks and movement. To be honest I didn't know what to say, the tears always run down my face as I type and pray. I just felt and have felt for a long time to make your family a special prayer concern. God Bless and God fill you with the answers you so desire. Because He Lives, always