Friday, February 25, 2011

Thankful for my Cross

This Sunday, Westside has an illustration on the front of their bulletin that hit home with me this week. I felt the need to share it.
A young man was at the end of his rope one day. He felt as though he had tried everything he knew to remedy his situation. Seeing no way out, he dropped to his knees in prayer.
"Lord, I can't go on," he said. "I have too heavy of a cross to bear."
The Lord replied, "My son, if you can't bear its weight, just place your cross inside this room. Then, open that other door and pick out any cross you wish."
The man was filled with relief. "Thank you, Lord," he sighed as he did as he was told. Upon entering the other door, he saw many crosses, some so large that the tops were not visible. Then he spotted a small cross leaning against a far wall. "I'd like that one, Lord," he whispered.
And the Lord replied, "My son, that is the cross you just brought in."
The young man had just been taught that when life's problems seem overwhelming, he should look around and see the problems of others.
He probably will find — as we all would — that he is far more fortunate than he ever imagined.
When is the last time you stopped and looked around to consider your blessings?
-Tim Woodward

I think I needed reminded of this. Things could be so much worse for us right now. Yes, things are pretty serious. We have to deal with the thought that Noah may not come home with us. But then, if he doesn't come home with us, he gets to go to a home where he won't have to suffer, or feel pain, or face discrimination. Why should that be bad news? Yes, I pray every day that we will get to bring him home and will be sad if I can't keep him, but if we don't get to, I don't have to worry about him. Our situation could be so so much worse.  I'm thankful for my cross.


  1. Thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers!!!

  2. Found your blog through Melissa's~ I am the Meme aka grandmother of Cayden, who has OI. My daughter Bridget was also told while pregnant of Cayden's problems. I am praying for you and your family. I am praying for your precious Noah as well. God has chosen you~

  3. Erin, you have inspired me in so many ways with this post. I think the world of you and your family. I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Noah and I can in no way shape or form even begin to understand how you are feeling. You are a beautiful christian woman and your words have touched my heart. I just wanted you to know that I have been thinking of you.
    With all my heart, Susan