Monday, January 21, 2013

Four Weeks To Go!

We had an appointment to check up on Miss Clara today along with an ultrasound. We learned a couple of things. Up to this point we had only had morning appointments, however today's appointment was at 3:00 PM. After today we hope to never have another afternoon appointment. We waited about an 1 1/2 hours before we went in for the ultrasound, it was 2 hours before we saw the doctor. Needless to say it was a long wait, one that we had never had before with this doctor. 

The second thing that we learned was that even though we had to wait that long, we go to an amazing practice. We were called back for the dreaded weigh-in and the blood pressure preliminary stuff pretty quick like normal, then they gave us the option of waiting in one of the rooms or back out in the waiting room (which was full!) We opted for a room. We were in there for a long time, and then they came in and told us there was still a wait, but they were moving us into another room that had a tv and a nice cushy recliner for me to keep waiting, which we had all to ourselves. So although we had to wait, I have to say it wasn't awful and I was pretty comfortable in that chair!

Now for the actual appointment, it went well! The first thing the ultrasound tech and then later the doctor commented on was her hair. It is definitely visible on the ultrasound. The old wives tale about heartburn being related to the baby having hair has been true for us it seems, first with Noah and now with Clara.  The tech ended with telling us her estimated weight is 6 lb, 8 oz! We had to laugh at that. Once the doctor came in and confirmed everything looked good, he also commented on her weight, along the lines of "She's looking like she's on the bigger side, it's a good thing you are having a c-section!" So it looks like we will need to be prepping for a big baby!

We are so thankful for another good appointment! We will be going back next Friday (morning!) Our c-section is scheduled for Monday, February 18, in the morning and we can't wait to meet her! In the meantime here are a few pics we got today!

One of her little feet!

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