Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How We're Doing

Hello all! I just wanted to do a small update on how things are going.

Clara is doing really well. After her initial issues from swallowing fluid during the c-section, her vitals have been great. Right now the only issue is she has not passed the hearing test twice now, but nobody is concerned. She does hear, but she more than likely still has fluid in her ears from the c-section keeping her from passing. So the plan is to bring her back up here next Tuesday to redo the test, just to give the fluid in her ears a chance to go away. So we are just asking for prayers that she passes next week with no further issues.

My recovery is also going well. My only complication is that my blood count has been low the past couple of days. Once again they aren't overly concerned and I'm taking iron pills. Overall my recovery has been worlds better than it was last time. 

Right now the plan is to head home sometime tomorrow! The weather isn't supposed to be that great so prayers for safe traveling is greatly appreciated!

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us and Clara throughout this pregnancy and her arrival. God continues to bless us!