Thursday, February 28, 2013

Updates and Introductions

Just some small updates!

We went went to get Clara's bilirubin levels tested again on Saturday. She was a pro, slept through the whole thing! Her level went down about 5 points so no worries anymore about jaundice!

We went to get her hearing screen done on Tuesday, but had to wait until today. She passed no problems (we weren't surprised) so that issue is done as well.

We don't know how much more weight she has gained back, but we can definitely see some chubby cheeks coming back so we don't see any issues coming; we will find out her weight at her two week appointment on Monday.

We had her newborn pictures done this week. They turned out absolutely beautiful, even if I am a biased momma. I can't wait to show them off!

We introduced Clara to our dogs last week. We have a Schnauzer (Kimmie) and a Vizsla mix (Kletus). We introduced them one at a time. Kimmie came in and smelled the whole house. Once she calmed down. I took Clara and gave her to A, then called Kimmie over. She smelled Clara thoroughly then curled up by her and put her head on Clara's feet. She also will come find me if we don't get Clara quick enough when she is crying. I think she likes her. We did the same thing with Kletus, he smelled all over as well, but after smelling Clara, he went on his happy way, he doesn't seem to care one way or another, but he does occasionally come up and smell her.

Looking her over

Deciding to keep her

Helping me watch her after a late night feeding

Getting introduced before losing interest

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