Saturday, December 18, 2010

Family Time

Noah and I are enjoying time with family this weekend. Right now my parents have nine english bulldog puppies. Everytime I hold one, if I put it on my belly, Noah decides to fist bump it. Everytime. I've decided either he wants to pet it, or my belly is his own personal space and he's trying to push it off. If he's anything like his daddy and me, he is a dog lover already. Family time, cookie making time, puppy playing time, movie watching time -- all equal a good time.


  1. Hi, my name is Chelsea Lush and I am the mom to an 8 week old baby girl named Zoe. She has Osteogenesis Imperfecta. I saw you on the bump and decided to research to see if I could somehow follow up and see how you were doing. If your son (love the name btw! if we had a boy he was going to be Noah :) does end up having OI, I am in a GREAT support group. If you want you can add me on facebook. I have pictures of Zoe there and about 100+ parents of children with all types of OI. if you'd like my email is or my FB is!/profile.php?id=1490649359

  2. Thanks for the info, if Noah does have OI I will be sure to follow up with you!