Tuesday, January 18, 2011

28/29 week appointment

Well let me start by saying that Noah is doing about the same. Woke up this morning for the appointment, got ready, then drank the glucose drink they sent home with me last time. Honestly it wasn't as bad as what I had been told. The orange tasted like a melted ice pop. I still chugged it down as quickly as possible. We got there and went through the normal weigh-in (which I won't tell the results of.) : ) Then they drew my blood. After that we went to our ultrasound.

To A and I's eyes, we thought that Noah looked a little worse. His chest still looked really small to us. His arms and leg bones are continuing to bend. One femur is worse than the other. It was almost at a 90 degree angle. It hurts to see his bones look like that. On an upside his hand wasn't in front of his face starting out this time. It has always been there. But as soon as the ultrasound tech got good and started, up went that little hand again. We had to laugh at that, he already doesn't like his picture taken. I would say he's shy, but with him being half Aaron, I seriously doubt that. 

After that the doctor came in. He started by saying that everything looks about the same. That was such a relief to hear. A few months ago I wouldn't have imagined being told about the same as that first 50/50 odds he gave us would be good news, but it is now. He said that while his chest is small, he said it wasn't overly small which was also good to hear. He also gave us another possible diagnosis. He said that he is still leaning toward the osteogenesis imperfecta, but that it is also starting to look a little like hypophosphatasia. He said that it could be the second diagnosis because of what he observes with Noah's skull. When he would examine Noah's skull, if he pressed down on my belly, we could see his skull bend a little. He also said that we could see Noah's brain anatomy really well because the bone density was low. While these are the two things he mentioned, he reminded us that we won't know anything for sure until after he is born. He could have neither of these. On another up note, he moved my due date up three days to April 6. So instead of being 28 1/2 weeks, I'll be 29 weeks tomorrow. He said he was cutting me a three day break. 

Overall the appointment went as well as could be expected. We would like to thank everyone again for their prayers. I know it's those prayers that are getting all of us through this.


  1. I will not quit praying for you as parents, and Noah, as your child until you say no prayers are needed. Thanks a million for the update; you have helped me know what to pray about. Your sister in Christ, Jean Neal

  2. Hello (:
    I am so thankful you found our blog, and hope that we can be a ray of hope for you and your family. It is an honor to spend time on my knees for you and your Noah, just as so many people have spent time in prayer for Evie. Please email me anytime with questions about Noah's diagnosis, birth, days after birth, feelings, etc. I know even the little details (what we took to the hospital, who we invited, etc) were overwhelming. A lot of it is in my blog, but there aren't a lot of us "moms of miracles" out there and I would love to connect with you (:

    Praying for God's many blessings for your family, healing for your little guy, and peace for you and your husband (: What a mighty God we serve.

    Love, Lindsey

  3. Lindsey is a WONDERFUL, beautiful, superb mom that helped me out so much in my pregnancy. She is such a positive mommy that really shows the light when everyone is telling you its pitch black. Both of her daughters are so so gorgeous and Evie is a true miracle and I am ever so grateful that God is letting us know her. Wither it be OI or hypophosphatasia I know Lindsey (and I) will be here for you. Zoe and I will be praying for her new friend Noah.

  4. Thank you girls so much, it has been such an encouragement to find positive examples. Especially with all of the negative information about all of this that I've been finding.