Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Nursery Walls

After a little over a week working on them we've finally got the nursery walls painted. My mom came up last weekend and helped me with the initial painting. 

The before photo

The first coat

The final product of the green paint. We also took up the carpet.

During the week I started working on the tree mural I wanted on the wall. The original plan was to use a picture I had found and project it on the wall so that I could trace the trees and then paint them in. What we discovered was that the projector couldn't make the picture big enough to cover the wall. So I ended up free handing the trees.They ended up turning out all right anyway! 

The outline

Starting to fill them in

The final product!

I may touch them up here and there later, but for the most part they are done. I had so much fun doing them but I am glad to be done. Hope everyone enjoys the pictures. The next project is painting the trim, then putting in new carpet, and finally adding the furniture and decor. Stay tuned!

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