Wednesday, March 2, 2011

35 Week Appointment

Not much to update today. I went in for a regular appointment, which felt odd because I haven't had an appointment without an ultrasound in awhile. Noah's heart was 140. We had to wait on the doctor awhile, but we found a way to pass the time. Noah was being very active this morning (thank you orange juice!) so he and his daddy were playing a game. Aaron would tap on my belly with his fingers and then quit. Noah would then kick him. And repeat. They kept this up for awhile, cracking me up while they were at it. The doctor then came in and measured my big belly. Apparently I'm measuring 36-37 weeks. I don't feel that big but apparently I am. The doctor was pleased that Noah is pretty active. Overall a good appointment and good morning. We will have an ultrasound next week.

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