Wednesday, March 9, 2011

36 Week Appointment

We had our last ultrasound of Noah today. Appointment started out with the usual stuff, along with Aaron and Noah playing their fist bump game. As far as the ultrasound went, Noah still looks about the same. His belly growth has slowed, but everything with the umbilical cord looked good so the doctor isn't concerned about it. While the tech was doing the ultrasound, we learned something new. Noah already has hair, quite visible on the ultrasound. We didn't get an actual picture of it, but it was definitely there. When the doctor came in to do the ultrasound, he got to Noah's head and said, "Man does he have some hair! He'll have to have a haircut when he gets here!" We all laughed at that. I can't wait to see what color it is. We were lucky enough to not see any fractures this time. Doesn't mean they aren't there, but at least we didn't see any. Overall everything went well. His heart rate is 140 and he is still as cute as he could be. 

I will have another appointment next week just to check the usual things, and then in two weeks we will be meeting Noah in person for the first time! Thank you everyone for your continued prayers! Here are the pictures we were given today.

Cute one of his foot.

His little hands

Yep, still a boy. : )

And some of his face. : )


  1. He's beautiful! I am praying for Noah and your family as the next two weeks draws to a close. I love that he already has hair! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Know that we love y'all and will be praying for all of you!!!!